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Rabies links in Thailand
 ʶҹ ҡҪҴ  • http://www.saovabha.com
 çҺŨŧó ҡҪҴ  • http://www.md.chula.ac.th/
 Information Center for Emerging Infectious Disease  • http://www.cueid.org
 Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University  • http://www.cumedicine.org
 çѡعѢѡԵ  • http://www.soonak.com/
 зǧҸóآ  • http://www.moph.go.th/
 ӹѡäԴͷ Ǻä зǧҸóآ  • http://thaigcd.ddc.moph.go.th/index.html
 äԴͷͧѹѤչ Ǻä зǧҸóآ  • http://thaigcd.ddc.moph.go.th/vaccine.html
 Ǻä зǧҸóآ  • http://www.ddc.moph.go.th/
 ѵ  • http://www.dld.go.th/
 к§ҹʧäعѢ  • http://r36.ddc.moph.go.th/index.html

Rabies links
 WHO; World Health Organization  • http://www.who.int/zoonoses/diseases/rabies/en/
 RABNET; Human and animal rabies; an interactive and information mapping system  • http://www.who.int/globalatlas/default.asp
 CDC; Center for Disease Control and Prevention  • http://www.cdc.gov/rabies/
 National dog bite prevention week  • http://www.cdc.gov/ncipc/duip/biteprevention.htm
 Alliance for rabies control  • http://www.rabiescontrol.org/

Vaccine resources
 US Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices : Vaccine-specific guidelines  • http://www.cdc.gov/nip/ACIP/http://www.cdc.gov/nip/ACIP/
 US vaccine information statements for patients  • http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pubs/vis/default.htm
 Epidemiology and prevention of vaccine preventable diseases  • http://www.cdc.gov/nip/publications/pink/
 WHO vaccine and biological vaccine trials listing service  • http://www.who.int?vaccines/gavi/catalogue.doc
 Immunization news briefs  • http://www.immunizationinfo.org
 Vaccine research center  • http://www.niaid.nih.gov/vrc/
 Immunization action coalition  • http://www.immunize.org/index.htm
 The vaccine page  • http://www.vaccine.org/
 Institute for vaccine safety  • http://www.vaccinesafety.edu/

Emerging diseases and outbreaks
 ProMED-mail: The ISID Program for Monitoring Emerging Infectious Diseases  • http://www.promedmail.org
 WHO Communicable Disease Surveillance and Response (CSR) Homepage  • http://www.who.int/csr/en/
 WHO disease outbreak news  • http://www.who.int/csr/don/en/

Surveillance and epidemiological reports
 Weekly Epidemiological Record (WHO)  • http://www.who.int/wer/en/
 EuroSurveillance (European information on communicable diseases surveillance and control)  • http://www.eurosurveillance.org/
 Morbidity and mortality weekly report (US CDC)  • http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr
 Canada communicable disease report  • http://www.phac-aspc.gc.ca/publicat/ccdr-rmtc/index.html
 WHO global health atlas  • http://globalatlas.who.int/
 Geosentinel (the global surveillance network of the ISTM and CDC)  • http://www.istm.org/geosentinel/main.html
 TropNet Europ (European network on imported infectious diseases surveillance)  • http://www.tropnet.net

Authoritative travel medicine recommendations
 WHO on-line international travel and health (the green book)  • http://www.who.int/ith/
 US CDC travelers health home  • http://www.cdc.gov/travel/index.htm
 US CDC online health Information for international travel (The Yellow Book)  • http://wwwn.cdc.gov/travel/contentYellowBook.aspx
 Health Canada travel medicine program information for professionals  • http://www.phac-aspc.gc.ca/tmp-pmv/prof_e.html
 National travel health network and centre (United Kingdom)  • http://www.nathnac.org

Vaccine links in Thailand
 Vaccine links in Thailand  • http://thaigcd.ddc.moph.go.th/vaccine.html

Professional societies
 International Society of Travel Medicine  • http://www.istm.org
 American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene  • http://www.astmh.org
 Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene  • http://www.rstmh.org
 Wilderness Medical Society  • http://www.wms.org
 Divers alert network  • http://www.diversalertnetwork.org/
 American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine  • http://www.acoem.org/
 American Association of Occupation Health Nurses  • http://www.aaohn.org/

Mulitsource destination-specific database programs (for health care providers)
 Exodus  • http://www.exodus.ie
 Global Infectious Diseases Epidemiology Network (GIDEON)  • http://www.gideononline.com
 SOS Travel care  • http://www.internationalsos.com
 Travax and Travax Encompass (United States)  • http://www.shoreland.com
 Travax (health protection Scotland, unrelated to US site)  • http://www.travax.scot.nhs.uk
 TropiMed  • http://www.tropimed.com/ANG/home.htm

Mulitsource destination-specific database programs (for travelers)
 Shorelands Travel Health On-Line (derived from US Travax)  • http://www.tripprep.com
 Fit for travel (derived from the Health Protection Scotland Travax)  • http://www.fitfortravel.scot.nhs.uk
 Fit for travel from the University of Munich (unrelated to Scottish site)  • http://www.fit-for-travel.de/en/default.asp
 The Travel Doctor TMVC Australia Trip Planner  • http://www.traveldoctor.com.au/
 International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers (IAMAT): Global Physicians Directory and malaria and immunization guides  • http://www.iamat.org
 International SOS online country Guide  • http://www.intsos.com
 Travel medicine  • http://www.travmed.com/