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       Snake farm has served as educational organization about snake for public, tourists, government and private organization, school and university in order to understand snakes habit and improve attitude on snakes.

• Public and Tourists service.
       From time to time, Snake farm has presented knowledge about snakes along with entertainment to public and tourist by terrariums, exhibitions, museum, venom extraction and snake handling demonstration that attracted tourists from around the world including many documentary programs and tourist. Each year, there are over 40,000 tourists visit snake farm and rising up in last 3 years which 60% are from oversea and 40% are Thai people.

• Simaseng Building
       In 1929, His Royal Highness Prince Paribatra Sukhumbhand, as Vice President of the Red Cross Society of Siam, persuaded His three siblings Her Royal Highness Princess Pisamai Pimolsat, Her Royal Highness Princess Sasipong Prapai and His Royal Highness Prince Burachat Chaiyakorn, to donate together with relatives and friends, raising the Simaseng Fund (The Four Snakes Fund) to support the operations of the Red Cross Society of Siam including the treatment of patients hurt by venomous animals and could cover the construction cost of the Simaseng building that was designed to keep venomous snakes, fish and insects as well as other poisonous animals for public education.

       After 70 years of operation, The Simaseng building has become dilapidated. As its available space is too small to serve current need, The Thai Red Cross Society had the old building demolished by fund from government and The Thai Red Cross Society. Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mahajakri Sirinthorn as Vice President of the Thai Red Cross Society, proceeded the opening ceremony on the 3rd of January 2008. The new five-storey replacement building retained the name Simaseng building, 1st and 2nd floor serve as exhibition area for 35 species of living snakes, 100-seat arena for venom extraction, museum and exhibition about snakes evolution, anatomy, life cycle, reproduction, toxicology and snake bites first-aid.

 Snake farm demonstrate venom extraction and snake handling for public on
Monday Friday (except extra holidays.)
11.00 AM Venom extraction.
2.00 PM Snake Handling and taking a picture with tame snake.
Weekends and extra holidays.
11.00 AM Snake Handling and taking a picture with tame snake.


• Ticket prices

Adult :   200  Baht.
Children :     50  Baht.

• Educational service
       Snake farm provide education on snake biology, snake bites treatment and first aids for interested people such as health science students in university and provide snake handling training program for volunteer and police in order to expand the ability of catching snake service in community.