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• Sunbeam Snake [Xenopeltis unicolor (Boie, 1827)]

Size : Up to 120 cm.

Characteristics : Dorsum is dark brown to black while belly is white. Flatten head with small eyes. Smooth scales and iridescence. Newborn is distinct with white collar around neck.

Breeding : 3-17 eggs per clutch, Incubation period of 19 eggs took 65 days for hatching in May (data of QSMI; Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute). Hatchlings weigh 8.2-8.6 gm and total length 25.0-29.5 cm.

Food : Nocturnal. Feed on snakes, mice, frogs and skinks.

Habitat : Semi-burrowing species in humid area.

Range : Throughout Thailand, Southeast Asia.

Extralimital : India.

• Indochinese Rat Snake [Ptyas korros (Schlegel, 1837)]

Size : 100-256 cm.

Characteristics : Body is olive which progressive brown at posterior and tail. Smooth scales with black-edge along the body. Head is slender; grayish-brown in color with very large eyes.

Breeding : 4-12 eggs per clutch.

Food : Diurnal. Feed on mice, frogs and skinks.

Habitat : Agricultural areas or forest up to 3,000 m. of elevation.

Range : Throughout Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Bali in Indonesia.

Extralimital : Taiwan and Assump in India.

• Copperhead Rat Snake [Coelognathus radiatus (Boie, 1827)]

Size : 180-230 cm.

Characteristics : Body is yellowish or grayish-brown with 4 black stripes from neck to mid body. Head is reddish-brown with 3 black streaks radiating posterior to eyes. If threatened, it pretends dead to avoid enemies or expand throat longitudinally and rear up the anterior fourth of its body in S-shape and strike rapidly.

Breeding : In June to January or throughout the year. 5-12 eggs per clutch in December to July, hatching in February to September. Hatchlings weigh 11.0-12.4 gm and 44-46 cm in length.

Food : Diurnal. Feed on mice and birds.

Habitat : Lowland area or on trees.

Range : Throughout Thailand and Southeast Asia.

• Ornate Gliding Snake [Chrysopelea ornata ornatissima (Werner, 1925)]

Size : 100-130 cm.

Characteristics : Body is yellowish-green, smooth scales with dark edge or dark scales in crossing pattern along the body. Keels on both sides of ventral part assisted for climbing. This active snake can glide between canopies.

Breeding : 6-12 eggs per clutch. 15 eggs in March and hatched in May (QSMI data). Incubation period in laboratory 70 days.

Food : Diurnal. Feed on birds, mice, lizards, frogs and bats.

Habitat : On trees in low land area or hills up to 550 meters of elevation.

Range : Throughout Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia.

Extralimital : India and southern China.

• Reticulated Python [Python reticulatus (Schneider, 1801)]

Size : 700-1,000 cm.

Characteristics : The stocky body with reticulated pattern of black and yellow stripes which surrounding white or brown blotches on both sides of vertebrae. Head is yellowish-brown to yellow with black streak from snout through neck and the other from eyes to angle of mandible. Smooth scales and iridescence.

Breeding : 30-50 eggs per clutch, up to 124 eggs in record. Incubation period is 68-72 days in laboratory. Hatchlings weigh 72-79 gm and 125-165 cm in length.

Food : Nocturnal. Feed on mammals, occasionally on human due to size and ability of constriction.

Habitat : Humid forest up to 1,500 m of elevation, near human habitation. Terrestrial but be good climber.

Range : Throughout Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Philippines and Forest archipelagos.

• Burmese Python or Javanese Python [Python molurus bivittatus (Kuhl, 1820)]

Size : 600-700 cm.

Characteristics : The stout body, pale brown to brown background with large dark brown blotches surrounded by black edge along the body. Triangular head has a pale yellowish-brown arrow-shaped on top. The ventral part is white.

Breeding : 30-50 eggs per clutch.

Food : Nocturnal. Feed on small to medium mammals.

Habitat : Lowland areas or forest up to 900 m of elevation.

Range : Throughout Thailand except in the south, Indonesia (Kalimantan, Java, Sumbawa and Sulawesi).