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 Services in Our Clinic

Pre and Post Travel Counseling
       Pre and Post Travel Counseling offers advice on how to have the best health while traveling. We provide recommend health protective measures for local diseases and for avoidance of risk factors as well as the necessity to have vaccination before traveling. Generally, the duration of 4-6 weeks prior to traveling is the best period to see the doctor and to have effective immunization.
       After travel health check-up is also on available service.

International Certificate of Vaccination
       The Yellow International Certificate of Vaccination is an official document that travelers should carry with them to document immunizations before traveling to some countries. For example, before entering some countries in Africa, yellow fever immunization must be given no less than 10 days and no more than 10 years prior to the planned date of entry and it must be entered and properly validated on the Certificate.
       All these Vaccination services and Certification could be obtained from our clinic. Our Immunization and Travel Clinic would render advice about the vaccine which travelers should receive before going aboard and for the people coming to Thailand. The certificate issued is accepted by WHO and all countries. To have the service, please come to see the doctor at least 14 days before travel.

Health Check-up and Certification
       Interested persons who are concerned can visit our clinic and have counseling with our staff. We will provide recommendations on the proper vaccine one should receive according to age, career and nature of work, and surroundings risk factors as well as travel itinerary.
       We also provide Health Check Ups and Certification services for people including blood screening for diabetes, dyslipidemia and pre-vaccination blood testing. The result will show the level of prior immunization which helps determine whether to have additional vaccination.
       There are no charges for counseling and nurse services. Costs are only for vaccines provides and certain laboratory tests.

Malaria Counseling and tuberculin skin (PPD) Test
       Malaria is one tropical disease which our clinic will provide counseling on. This includes how to prevent the disease for the travelers.
       PPD Test or Tuberculin Test is one of the services for screening Tuberculosis. The result is available after the skin test 48 hours. In case of a positive result, further examination will be recommended.

Office Hours
- Monday Friday - 08.30 16.30 hrs
- Saturday and Public Holiday - 08.30 -12.00 hrs
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